seeking altruistic social scientists, demographers, survey researchers

if you are an experienced user of any public survey data set, let's work together to make it accessible with free software.

potential contributions from you:
  • international social survey programme
  • california health interview survey
  • icpsr r package that automatically downloads and imports any project from the inter-university consortium for political and social research.  this code has already been written in my automation scripts that pull from icpsr.
  • various national center for education statistics (nces) surveys

 my personal to do list:
  • national crime victimization survey
  • national survey of family growth
  • pesquisa nacional de saude
  • how to analyze the census of more than 75 countries with ipums
  • how to post-stratify your data set to your nation's census
  • survey of health, ageing and retirement in europe