seeking altruistic social scientists, demographers, survey researchers

hi everyone, please share this:  if you are an experienced user of a publicly-available survey data set from any country or international organization, let's work together on some user-friendly code and a short blog post for
though i cannot provide any financial compensation, this collaboration would give you exposure as a voice of authority on the microdata: averaging more than one hundred unique visitors every day, this website has references from ucla's statistical consulting service and the r survey software landing page.  prior contributions have been featured both within the united states by the bureau of labor statistics and federal reserve board and also internationally by the brazilian institute of geography and statistics.  here are the weekly user (not pageview) counts for the first five months of twenty fourteen:

i'd like to expand, but i need your help.  most contributions entail just three straightforward blocks of code:

download automation- a no-changes-necessary script to download and import every file from every year to the local computer.

replication- one minimal program that matches officially-published statistics, confirming we've applied the methods correctly.

a few analysis examples- step-by-step instructions to calculate means, distributions, medians, subsets, simple regressions.

even if you cannot commit much time, i'd still encourage you to send in a few snippets of your code.  and don't worry if you have minimal fluency in the r language, i'll assist with translating your syntax from sas, stata, linear b, sudaan.  thanks!